Saturday, 11 May 2013

In-world Freebies May 11th 2013

I make no secret of the fact that I hate mesh in Second Life.  Having an old PC means I am using an out of date version of Cool VL Viewer and see mesh as a load of balls...  Sometimes though a girl has to suffer for her art and I lagged myself just so I could spend a few minutes in this gorgeous dress from Rebel Hope.  The dress is in the usual standard sizes and comes complete with necklace, earrings and corsage.  And it's FREE on the reception desk.

Rebel Hope can be found here.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

In-world Freebies Apr 30th 2013

Wandering the grid as I updated my landmarks folder (yes, I really am that obsessive), I landed in the Laq store.  In the outlet shop I came across the ensemble below - hair, skin, shape, eyes and full outfit including shoes - all for free.  A girl can't go wrong with that price and the monochrome look is on trend for spring/summer 2013.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Menswear Fashion Week

As I am feeling unwell and have had a full day to myself, I went for a look around Menswear Fashion Week.  The event runs from April 19 to 27 and features a range of SL menswear spread over two sims.

Enjoyable to look around though the colour palette used for the build was a bit garish for my tastes.  Some of my favourite items/designers at the show are listed below.  And yes, I really have recommended mesh clothing - but only because I could see it in the photos!
  • Aitui - absolutely adore the Frontlines jacket (mesh).  Also love the Double Drift relaxed fit tees
  • Evolve - bold designs, bolder colours
  • Velvet Elvis - A veritable glam overload.  The Rock Circus Ring Master Buttoned Coat (mesh) is a particular favourite piece
  • JLB - argyle hoodies, skinny jeans and pop art t-shirts
  • G&D - the sleeveless plaid design Leon hoodies (mesh), the Make Your Game underwear (mesh) and the Ben zip sweater (mesh)
  • Fatal - Rebellion slim leather jacket (mesh) and Crew Outfit in Linen (mesh)
  • Razor - Subtlety Rogue jacket (mesh) and Trekka padded vest with optional t-shirt (mesh)
  • Glam Dammit! - The Brave coat in red tartan (non-mesh) is luscious.
  • Innuendo - Neo shirts (non-mesh), David shirt and jeans (both non-mesh)
  • Redgrave - The Liquid Mesh Classic Jeans, Tyler skin, shape and hair...all kinds of hotness
  • Vengeful Threads - Dia Dos Muertos outfit (non-mesh)
  • Gizza - hooded leather vests and bright, bold cotton t-shirts
  • Vitamen - the ever fantastic range of underwear and swimear for sexy, confident men
  • Digital Aura - beautiful casual jewelrey
  • Yasum - the Bad Reputation (mesh) sexy arsed jeans!
  • SF Designs  - love the Harvey shirt and padded waistcoat (mesh).  The Tyler outfit (non-mesh) in black with a range of colours for the tie and waistcoat is gorgeous
  • Zanzo - a range of cool, fresh and funky designs

Things that let some of the designers down - using freebie looking avatars and poses in the displays, not displaying your logo anywhere, over meshing of your displays (I hate having to derender half your store to see your products), packing your stand so full of vendor panels that everything blends in to one.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Freebie Look Feb 4th

Hair: Promo Box from EdelStore
Eyes: Peyton's from Soulglitter
Skin: Nadia (tan) from Tuty's
Shape: Melinda from Lick Me I Am Famous
Make Up: Eyeliner from Violet Moods
Necklace: Sparkle Gold Necklace from Milady's
Dress: Iole from Augusta Creations
Shoes: Lady in Red from Pure

Monday, 28 January 2013

Freebie Look Jan 28th

Hair: Reley from EdelStore
Skin and Shape: Hope from Genesis Creations
Eyes: Yule from R.S. Cerridwen's Cauldron Boutique
Outfit: Taliesins Tails Winter from Affinity Boutique
Make Up: Taliesins Tails Deepsea Racoon Eyes from Affinity Boutique
Necklace: White Pearls from Affinity Boutique
Animation Override: Taliesins Tails Basic Mer AO from Affinity Boutique

Saturday, 26 January 2013

In-world Freebie Jan 26th

While browsing the stores today, I came across this cute freebie at Absolutely Smitten Designs.  It is an open striped sweatshirt on the jacket layer and is available in both male and female versions.  It can be found here and make sure to check out the 60L weekend offers and great value outfits available throughout the store.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Freebie Look Jan 24th

An easy one for the guys today.  A single item ordered from Marketplace gives a complete look and comes (mostly) ready unpacked.  You need need to make sure you remove the plethora of HUDs that come packaged with the outfit if you add everything to your avatar.

Everything including AO: Starter Pack from Feu Quinn

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Monday, 21 January 2013

Freebie Look Jan 21st

Some of the items in today's freebie look require slightly more skills to make work, but if you not confident with editing prims in SL, you could always substitute for another freebie item.

While I love Patulas House for free shoes of a very high standard, the ones used in the look today attached to the feet which created the awful broken ankle look when not standing still.  This meant re-attaching them to the lower legs rather than the default position and thus slight adjustments to get them to fit where they should.

I also had problems with the control HUD for the shoes as clicking on the resize buttons meant that on one foot I lost part of the heel, part of the strap and a toenail and on the other I lost my little toe.  Easily remedied with some nifty editing.

Hair: Jazz with hat from EdelStore
Eyes: Look Eyes - Fire wearable demo from Amacci
Shape and Skin: Lana2 from SHINE Skins and Fashion
Dress: EGEO Black Summer Night Dress from Tuty's
Shoes: Black Flor Heels from Patulas's House
Make Up: INTENSE Lip Gloss from Blesque
Facial Piercing: Monroe Piercing from A:S:S
Animation Override: Casual Girl from [ImpEle]

Friday, 18 January 2013

Sweet Child O' Mine

Another different look entirely using freebies from the Marketplace - a cute little girl complete with animation overrider and hugger.  Free balloon courtesy of London City!

Hair: LLR726 from booN
Eyes: Spphire from ZaYlang
Skin: Alice2 from Heaven's Skin and Shape
Shape: Lili from Chibi Sekai
Clothes: Grace from Mimi Boutique
Animation Override: Child Animation Overrider from DeniseHoorn Slade
Hugger: Child Hugger from Cartoon Kids

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Freebie Look Jan 17th

Today's freebie look switches us back to something for the ladies and this time it takes a Gothic twist.

Hair: Heidi from EdelStore
Skin: Lucine Gothic Skin from Tuty's (set of 12 make ups)
Shape: Melina from Lick Me I Am Famous
Eyes: sp Sky Eyes from ZaLand
Outfit: Lilith from Black Arts
Boots: Silver Christmas Boots from Patulas House
Pose: January Gift from PosESioN

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Is it a man's world? Not for freebies, it isn't.

Soldiering on with my quest for putting together avatars using Marketplace freebies, I decided to have a change and do something for male avatars.  I now understand why so many new residents with male avatars look rubbish.  Decent quality male freebies are almost impossible to come by.  Even things that are available for free from all of the freebie shops around the grid require payment on Marketplace.  The majority of free things I found were either demos or so bad that they should immediately be struck from existence.  What has been an easy exercise for female avatars is so much harder and less productive for male avatars.  I shall persevere.

Hair: Bob by A&A
Skin and shape: winterwonderland gift 2012 by (RED) SAND Ince
Eyes: Real Eyes by Angel Rock
Outfit: Azure by Spaghetti
Shoes: Man's Sports Shoes from A&J Creations

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Freebie Look Jan 15th 2013

My quest for complete looks for free using Marketplace continues with today's offering.  Freebies are, fo course, an excellent way to get to know the work of designers while still managing to create a look that will draw attention for the right reasons.

Hair: Milva by Edelstore
Eyes: Nature - Frog by Eye Candi
Skin and Shape: Fall gift 2012 by (RED) SAND Inc
Make up and Lashes: Eyeshadows and 6 sculpted lashes set by Natural Beauty
Tattoo: Starry Leg Tattoo by !K&L! Clothing and Accessories
Lingerie: June by Awear

Monday, 14 January 2013

Freebie Geebies

One thing that I notice amongst new users is that they all want money to modify their avatars from the default ones.  A little digging around in freebie shops and such can yield results quickly; as can Marketplace.  All they need is a little encouragement and a few minutes work.

The total cost of the above avatar is zero.  Sometimes time is a better investment than money when you are starting out on something.

Skin: Miranda by Panda Punx.  A shape is also included.
Shape: Nicole by Alluring Body Shapes
Eyes: Turquoise by Save Point
Hair: Ludvika in dark brown by A&A
Eye make up: Tuesday by Monroe Cosmetics
Earrings: Fall Collection #1 by JCNY.  Scripted for colour change.
Dress: Bows and Butterflies by Chrysalis
Shoes: Black and White Ribbon Heels by Patulas House

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