Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Menswear Fashion Week

As I am feeling unwell and have had a full day to myself, I went for a look around Menswear Fashion Week.  The event runs from April 19 to 27 and features a range of SL menswear spread over two sims.

Enjoyable to look around though the colour palette used for the build was a bit garish for my tastes.  Some of my favourite items/designers at the show are listed below.  And yes, I really have recommended mesh clothing - but only because I could see it in the photos!
  • Aitui - absolutely adore the Frontlines jacket (mesh).  Also love the Double Drift relaxed fit tees
  • Evolve - bold designs, bolder colours
  • Velvet Elvis - A veritable glam overload.  The Rock Circus Ring Master Buttoned Coat (mesh) is a particular favourite piece
  • JLB - argyle hoodies, skinny jeans and pop art t-shirts
  • G&D - the sleeveless plaid design Leon hoodies (mesh), the Make Your Game underwear (mesh) and the Ben zip sweater (mesh)
  • Fatal - Rebellion slim leather jacket (mesh) and Crew Outfit in Linen (mesh)
  • Razor - Subtlety Rogue jacket (mesh) and Trekka padded vest with optional t-shirt (mesh)
  • Glam Dammit! - The Brave coat in red tartan (non-mesh) is luscious.
  • Innuendo - Neo shirts (non-mesh), David shirt and jeans (both non-mesh)
  • Redgrave - The Liquid Mesh Classic Jeans, Tyler skin, shape and hair...all kinds of hotness
  • Vengeful Threads - Dia Dos Muertos outfit (non-mesh)
  • Gizza - hooded leather vests and bright, bold cotton t-shirts
  • Vitamen - the ever fantastic range of underwear and swimear for sexy, confident men
  • Digital Aura - beautiful casual jewelrey
  • Yasum - the Bad Reputation (mesh) sexy arsed jeans!
  • SF Designs  - love the Harvey shirt and padded waistcoat (mesh).  The Tyler outfit (non-mesh) in black with a range of colours for the tie and waistcoat is gorgeous
  • Zanzo - a range of cool, fresh and funky designs

Things that let some of the designers down - using freebie looking avatars and poses in the displays, not displaying your logo anywhere, over meshing of your displays (I hate having to derender half your store to see your products), packing your stand so full of vendor panels that everything blends in to one.

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