Tuesday, 26 August 2014


So I was a bit bored and decided to play with the new portals in London City.  Wandering through them, I was magically transported to a place called Whimsy.

I would have a wander around as it seemed like a beautiful and peaceful sim.  What started as a brief browse turned in to a much longer stay.

I started off with a train ride first.  Part of the train ride is underwater - the steam coming from the train's funnel turning to bubbles when underwater is a nice touch.  A little underwater exploration was a tad fraught as the sea creatures were giving me the creeps!

From the end of the train ride I went on a stroll around the island - making sure to stay a safe distance from the volcano, but taking in the excellent views from the rope bridge in front of the waterfall.

After my stroll I followed a landmark that I had picked up while underwater and ended up high above the sim in an asteroid.  I brief look around the particle accelerator lead me to an elevator up to the top of the structure where I enjoyed a leisurely game of Mahjong.

Once I had admitted defeat with the Mahjong, I took a ride on a carriage to an airship even higher over the sim.  Three floors of games and a ballroom awaited me - not to mention Yves the bar tending robot.  Having failed to make any impact on the scoreboard for Greedy Greedy, I then made a disaster out of a pinball game.

Thankfully all was not lost and I finally found something that was more my style...a nice chaise, a bottle of champagne and a view of the Aurora Borealis.  Cheers!

The entrance to Whimsy can be found here.

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