Monday, 21 January 2013

Freebie Look Jan 21st

Some of the items in today's freebie look require slightly more skills to make work, but if you not confident with editing prims in SL, you could always substitute for another freebie item.

While I love Patulas House for free shoes of a very high standard, the ones used in the look today attached to the feet which created the awful broken ankle look when not standing still.  This meant re-attaching them to the lower legs rather than the default position and thus slight adjustments to get them to fit where they should.

I also had problems with the control HUD for the shoes as clicking on the resize buttons meant that on one foot I lost part of the heel, part of the strap and a toenail and on the other I lost my little toe.  Easily remedied with some nifty editing.

Hair: Jazz with hat from EdelStore
Eyes: Look Eyes - Fire wearable demo from Amacci
Shape and Skin: Lana2 from SHINE Skins and Fashion
Dress: EGEO Black Summer Night Dress from Tuty's
Shoes: Black Flor Heels from Patulas's House
Make Up: INTENSE Lip Gloss from Blesque
Facial Piercing: Monroe Piercing from A:S:S
Animation Override: Casual Girl from [ImpEle]

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