Sunday, 3 July 2016

Lacrime dell'anima

Having a quiet Sunday morning in SL, the 35L Sunday List dropped through my letterbox.  I usually have a quick flick through it, but decided to take some time over it this morning.  My perusal led me to visit Lacrime dell'anima (Tears of the soul, according to Google translate).

The shop is located in a pleasant 'skybox' type place and shares the space with Uncontrollably - a clothing store that is also to be found on the 35L Sunday List.  The scene is a pleasant and inviting garden courtyard setting and features examples of the furnishings that can be purchased in the grounds.

There are Midnight Mania boards, extensive Gacha machines and Lucky Chairs, as well as gifts and various sale boards.  Items on sale range from classic pieces to rustic via outdoor and Asian/Oriental items.  There is a definite hint of Gorean to some of the furnishings.

As well as the main store, there is also a secondary outlet store.

My new Sailor's Bench looks great in my garden.

Lacrime dell'anima can be found here.

The 35L Sunday List blog can be found here.

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  1. Thank you very much for the post! I Love it! It made me feel recognized for my work! :D


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