Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Captain of My Soul

With an hour or two spare, I decided to trawl through destinations.  I came across a place called Invictus, which is an art installation inspired by the Invictus poem by William Ernest Henley.

The journey begins in a medieval tower in a room with of armaments.  Moving down to the next level you are greeted with a scene of knowledge.  There are bookcases, manuscripts and maps.  From the double windows behind the throne, you can take in the view of the maze and gardens below.  A meteor shower streaks across the moody sky.  The soft glow of candlelight in the room is provided by a chandelier comprising of a number of skeletons with outstretched arms holding the candles.

The next level has a banquet table laid out with food that appears to have spoiled.  A couple of chairs are knocked over suggesting some kind of incident.  Scales are set at one end of the table with the apparent weighing of coins taking place.  A pair of antlers hold the candles that provide the dim light here.  Elk heads mounted on the walls at either end of the long table watch sightlessly over the vignette.

The bottom level of the tower has large cages hanging from the ceiling.  On the wall, gripped by a giant stone hand, is a large scroll containing the text from the first verse of the Invictus poem.

Upon exiting the tower, the scene becomes darker.  There are streaks of blood on the ground and winged skeletons and broken paths litter the mountain.  There are a number of winged skeletons hanging from crosses and giant stone hands reach from the earth.

As you make your way down the path, another giant hand holds the second verse of the poem.  You need to pay attention when reading it as it is perched close to the cliff edge with a sheer drop to the sea below.

At the bottom of the path you come to the third verse of the poem amidst a scene of bare trees, fallen autumn leaves and stones with Celtic carvings.  A carving of Yggdrasil on one of the stones belies the scene just beyond it.  A small pond is littered with the remains of slain elk.  These are in juxtaposition to a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

Steps lead to a stone maze which houses a series of statues ranging from an eagle to the Madonna and Child right through to a hellhound.  Vines grow amongst the stone walls and bird skulls.  Outside of the maze, a giant pair of stone hands hold a cauldron of seemingly drowned cherubs.

The path leads ever downward to a team of giant stone horses and the final verse of the poem.

A rather turbulent row boat ride takes you across the sea to a small island featuring what looks like a ruined cathedral.  Stone lion heads spew water out in to the sea and foliage has taken hold on the walls.  Down a long corridor there is a room with winged chairs.  Sitting here you can look back on to the tower atop the mountain.  A further room is encircled by the angelic chair with an orrery in the middle.

Beyond the initial walls lies an autumnal woodland area.

Invictus can be found here.

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