Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Second Life and Death

In 2016 so far there have been many celebrity deaths, some high profile and some not so high profile but nevertheless people who have been in the public eye.  Of course other people have died too, the ones you do not hear about because they did not have a life or career that gave them public notoriety.

With Second Life you can connect with people you probably would not have a chance to connect with otherwise.  Some of these people can have a big impact on your Second Life and also your real life.  Sometimes people will just disappear never to be seen again and no one knows why.  Other times you find out why they have gone.

Recently I learned of the death of man named Cliff Marks.  He was not famous, but I knew him thanks to Second Life.  In the years that I knew him, he was kind, helpful and welcoming.  He had a big impact on my Second Life and I did not get the chance to tell him that.  I guess we think that we have all the time in the world, but the truth is that people can be gone from our lives in an instant.

I will miss you Trace Netizen, Ronan MacTavish, Paulec DeCuir.

A retrospective of Ronan's photography can be seen until the end of May here.

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