Monday, 15 June 2015

Rumours, not the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album...the stories of unproven truth that circulate about you.  Rumours are those things that allow you to find out so much about yourself.

One of the most popular rumours about me is that I am an alt of someone else in London City.  Why anyone would go to such lengths is beyond me, but paranoid people seem to like to have elaborate fantasies about others.  If this is you, I am thrilled that you have fantasises about me.

The second most popular rumour is that I am a spy for London City - and that I have created alts to go out and visit other locations and report back.  I am sorry to say this but no one does anything in SL that is worth spending time spying on.  My time is spent exploring, hanging out and shopping - I don't give two brass shits what your houses look like.

If your mind is so simple that you think I am either an alt or a spy, you have way too much time on your hands and need to take neuroleptics for whatever psychosis is causing your paranoid delusions.

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Hi, my name is Bailey and I am an avatar in Second Life. Although my avatar is predominantly female in Second Life, I am a gay male in real life. I choose to be female most of the time and don't see it as a big deal in a virtual world where so many people are furries, werewolves and inanimate objects. It is all fantasy. This blog is about me, the places I go, the clothes I wear, the people I meet, etc.


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