Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Dark Style Fair 2

I looked at the names of the sponsors for The Dark Style Fair 2 (7mad;Ravens, ARISE, Clemmm, Death Row Designs (DRD), DirtyStories, Goth1c0, Little Bones, MOON, random.matter and Razor) and recognised a couple of them from previous purchases for themed and seasonal activities.

The official blurb on the webpage describes the theme as "Goth/Grunge/Trash/Edgy/Punk Clothing", but that barely does justice to the range covered by the fair.  There are clothes, cosmetics, body modifications such as piercings and tattoos, jewellery, poses, decor, facial hair (for men or women who have a tent at a gypsy fair or aspirations to win the Eurovsion Song Contest).  And yes, there are items for men.

My favourite item had to be a pair of shoes (for Slink high feet) from Deadpool, which had an unusual heel - I had no idea skeletons engaged in oral sex.

The Dark Style Fair 2 runs through May and can be found here.  The official webpage is here.

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