Friday, 1 May 2015

The History of Vehicles in SL

I arrived at the sim and took a TARDIS to the main exhibit where I swiftly sidestepped a trio of Dalek's waiting to greet me as I emerged.

The main theme of the exhibit is cars and trucks - famous, racing, development in SL through the ages, etc.  Out in the car park there is The General Lee, Doc Brown's time travelling DeLorean, various incarnations of the Batmobile, Herbie, the 'Green Goblin' truck from Maximum Overdrive and one of James Bond's cars to name but a few.

You will also find a Big Wheel trike - beloved of kids especially in the 70s, a funeral carriage drawn by two black horses with head plumes, a superpowered Santa's sleigh, motorbikes and a plane.

In the midst of the testosterone fuelled display is an unexpectedly touching scene - a memorial garden dedicated to the SL designers and racers who have passed away in real life.  The garden contains a white marble bench for each person remembered - their name inscribed on the bench and surrounded by a heart of glowing luminaires.

Music on sim is provided by Wolf's Howl/The Howl.

The exhibit runs until the end of May 2015.

Find the exhibition here.

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