Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Garage Fair 2015

I suppose my age, outlook and background has defined my style in SL.  I don't go for something radically different to who I am in RL.  If I was Bailey in RL, I would dress the way I do in SL - mumsy with the occasional twist.  I like classic pieces and vintage.  I love hats, flowing dresses, tailoring and details.

A notecard popped in to my box this morning for The Garage Fair 2015 so I decided to check it out.  There were a lot of brands I was familiar with as well as many I wasn't.  Admittedly a lot of the clothing was what I would define as 'younger styling', but there were several outfits that suit an avatar of my mature years!  As well as womenswear, there are also menswear, skins and poses.

Vintage Floral Summer Dress from Ghee
The set up is fairly standard for fairs - central landing zone surrounded by sponsor stalls and then other vendors around the perimeter.  It's a layout that must work or else why does everyone use it?  To be honest, I am a bit tired of it - it takes ages to schlep round as you end up doing the whole place in laps.  I'd much rather see something that has a sense of journey and leads you past everything.  It does have some interest with outlet zones position in the centre of each side of the sim and Gacha zones towards the corners.  Music is provided by Phenix Radio which gives an eclectic mix of dance and club tunes.

The Garage Fair 2015 can be found here.

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