Friday, 23 December 2011

Bailey Does Gor

I paid a visit to the MidWinter Fair, which is running from 20th to 31st December.  It is a Gorean sim, but I didn't exactly dress for occasion thinking that if they want my business, they take me as I am.  Thankfully no one seemed to mind my attire and I spent some time wandering the medieval market.  It is part of the 30L Saturday that occurs every weekend and is aimed at medieval, fae, Gorean roleplayers.  Anyway, I picked up two outfits while I wandered.

The first outfit came from Whatz and is Serendipity in blue.  A bargain at L$30.

The second outfit is not really me, but I am sure I will find a reason to wear it as it is beautiful.  It came from the Gem Designs stall for free and is the Flower Gold Silk.

There is also a mini hunt ongoing...look for the Christmas stockings.


  1. Those long curls! How enchanting!

  2. The hair is from A&A and is Loreley in cinnamon. It is one of my favourites for fantasy roles such as Gor, mer and fae.


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