Monday, 9 January 2012

It's Monday and that means bargains!

I popped along to SF Design, where I picked up this week's Monday Mania item...which is an incredible  five t-shirts (purple, black, blue, brown and red) for 25Ls..

One of the SF Design t-shirts
I then headed on over to Snowpaws where I got two outfits - one Moody Mondays and one Monday Mania.

The Moody Mondays dress is the Kilau Solid Silver Sparkle Gown for 55Ls.  It comes with two skirts in different lengths, a hair flower decoration and earrings.

Snowpaws - Kilau Solid Silver Sparkle Gown
 The second outfit is Tulip - skirt and open button blouse  - Blue Moon for 50Ls.  It features a blouse and a skirt with lavendar decoration.

Tulip - skirt and open button blouse  - Blue Moon
Over at Rag Dollz, I slapped both of the Midnight Mania/Madness boards.  They both locked and I received two stunning outfits.  Winter Splendor in Silver is a gown with skirt, bustle, choker and mask included.
*Rag Dollz* Winter Splendor Silver
The second outfit, which is on the Group board, is *Rag Dollz* Clarena Blue.  This comes with bustle, choker and an animated hand fan that has a lovely delicate effect. 
*Rag Dollz* Clarena Blue

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