Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Who and why

For the most part, Bailey is a female avatar in the virtual world of Second Life.  Very occasionally Bailey becomes a male avatar, albeit an odd one as I do not change body shape other than flattening down the boobs.

The person behind Bailey is an English gay guy.

So those few short lines take care of the who - on to the why.

I chose to be a female in Second Life as a change.  Bailey is not my first excursion in to Second Life and I have used a number of avatars in the past, usually male ones but some fantasy avatars too such as a dragon.  There is a wide array of avatars available inworld and you can combine bits to create whatever you want.  I suppose I am using Bailey to explore my feminine side and 'play dressing up'.

By being honest about my real life gender and sexual orientation, I have felt liberated.  People read my profile inworld and there are none of the usual "Do you want to have sex?" questions.  I have been asked why I don't just keep quiet about it.  My answer is that I am not ashamed of who I am or how I wish to appear, I am not looking for cybersex nor a relationship and I do not wish to become involved in the lives of others only to turn them upside down after forming a bond.

Many men have female avatars.  Many women have make avatars.  The difference between them and me is that I am prepared to stand up and admit it.  If you don't like, you need never associate with me in any way - it is a big grid.

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Hi, my name is Bailey and I am an avatar in Second Life. Although my avatar is predominantly female in Second Life, I am a gay male in real life. I choose to be female most of the time and don't see it as a big deal in a virtual world where so many people are furries, werewolves and inanimate objects. It is all fantasy. This blog is about me, the places I go, the clothes I wear, the people I meet, etc.


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